Mission Statement

We offer excellent, personalized, integrative health care to people in the Blanco and Canyon Lake area.

Our services are:

  •     Tailored to the needs and situation of each client.
  •     Adapted to the patient’s preference for various methods or traditions of healing.

Our therapies include:

  •     Traditional Western medicine.
  •     Functional Medicine approaches.
  •     Herbal and nutritional therapies.
  •     Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
  •     Medicinal aromatherapy.

Our facilities provide:

  •     Classes that promote the wellness of our clients.

Our providers and staff:

  •     Are competent, compassionate and congenial.
  •     Value and model health and preventative care.
  •     Work together as a team to provide services in an environment of mutual respect and integrity.

Our organization is: