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A message from Charlotte:

I am excited to announce that effective April 6, 2021, I will transition to full time practice at Root Causes Medicine in North San Antonio. Our entire team at Root Causes would like to welcome each of you to join us as we try to change the face of healthcare for the better! It is a great pleasure caring for each and every one of you. I look forward to caring for you in this new practice by offering personalized functional medicine both in-person and via telemedicine.

Transitioning your care to the new practice will be seamless. We will waive the new patient fee for established patients that follow all of these steps:

  • Contact Root Causes Medicine  before July 1, 2021 to let us know your intention to remain in my care.
  • When you contact Root Causes, schedule a “follow-up appointment” with me at Root Causes Medicine before April 8, 2022.
  • Fill out the intake paperwork for Root Causes Medicine and keep your follow up appointment.

You will have access to all the services offered by Root Causes Medicine including IV nutrition therapies, hyperbaric and other oxygen therapies, whole-body Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, light therapy and other energy therapies.

Please do not delay in making your follow up appointment as I will be limiting my patients so I can continue to offer the one-on-one care that we have both always valued. Root Causes Medicine is not a Medicare provider and is not enrolled in any insurance network as these systems do not support individualized, well-researched care.

I understand that some may be unable to make the transition to Root Causes Medicine. I am happy to continue to provide you with recommendations for quality nutritional supplementation through Wellevate, Fullscript and Neo40.  In this case, you will need to transition your medical care to another medical clinician.

If you have questions, please email via the Healing Arts Charm Portal. If you have not received or have deleted your invitation, please leave a message at 830-833-0510 and we will re-activate your invitation. I wish you the best in health and wellness in your life journey.